Yup…Still Here

Hey…hey, look at me.

You know
my smile
cross streets
Sunset youth
Brooklyn bodegas

Recognize my unquenchable
thirst which seeks your lightly
carbonated dark stout
as if dehydration would
be cured by one long sip
or better yet, a full headed pint
poured into your custom curved glass
accentuating roasted hips, coffee eyes
and chocolate notes

Wow let’s pause
look around
cool off a bit

Yup, I’m still here
you thought
I was gone or left you
because of what happened

Logically that idea would make sense
since “always forward” is my slogan
but I couldn’t ruin this race,
abandon our kayak mid-stream
leaving you to paddle alone

I still remember
grains of rice
spilling on the tiles
spreading our story thin
losing teaspoons of love
through the cracks in the floor

Let me create a new bottle
we can fill it once again
add a pinch of hope
every day and night


Take both pills and jump in
I’m still not sure where this tunnel
will lead or if there’s an opening
on the other side; might not be
all I know is that

I’ll be at the entrance waiting
because I’m still here

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