Ode to Modern Love

My worn black shoes are proof enough
Of the boundless lengths, I’ve traveled
To make sure our love was not so rough
Removing aches that starved and haggled
I’m motivated to let you know, I can steal pain
Filling subways with words and smiles to be swiped
Robbing tears so you can continue to feel
Eclogues were written of moments we sniped
From time, then played on an endless reel
Little supernova apprehended in a plane

Even during the hours when a moon hung
Just low enough that we could touch it
Our minds conspired to climb into the lung
Ferment a drunken nap our warmth can emit
Leaving two peeled grape bodies satisfied
What a vintage simplicity we have captured
It’s basic but filled with aged rum to the brim
We should toast to life and be smothered
By the intoxicating sound of the sugared hymn
A gritty song that makes our hearts pacified

Dream of surrendering yourself to my arms
Allowing an invasion that trembles all of earth
Ravages pines and scatters waves across farms
Bridging our plump lips together, enhancing worth
I want your hair in my face, filling my mouth
With dark storm clouds of shattered sadness
Passions hardened around a single fragile soul
You…are my fire, my blazing blue madness
No one else should ever unwrap this scroll
Walk our shadowy purple road heading south

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  1. JJ says:

    beautiful read, different from your ecologues.

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