Live, Revel, Hope

Me voy de viaje…

Para…don't cast your sobbing shadow on me. Este libro bueno still has so many unread pages for you. Yo todavia must go to the bodega on 6th for some things. Las hojas naranjas are starting to dance and need to... Continue Reading →

Longevity Orchards

The elevated fertile sagwa tree's by our elementary school have given birth to a gaggle of tiny brown juice boxes. I'm not sure how this is truly relevant right now but this is what I have recently cultivated in my bald... Continue Reading →

Heavier than iron

'Till this day, I am still sailing without lighthouses. All this digital information at my fingers but none of it cures my seizing illness as I hurl off the bow. Every morning I rock and roll out of a pitched... Continue Reading →

Extra Viejo

I'm still here waiting. Sipping a chilled glass of doubt. Aging gracefully? AG


You loved them completely but they left, leaving you with nothing to smile at, empty hugs and no tall glass to fill for either half. You loved them despite the gray that was uncertainty which made you carry extra patience... Continue Reading →

Ready to go

I'm ready to sail. Cut through waves of doubt and pride. Locate humble shores. AG

Fools can write

Keep posting dumb things Drawing a corrective light On your ignorance AG

Sprinkle Some Cinnamon

Set kisses to high Flip once for an even brown Light, sweet and yummy AG

The Red Book

It's a monologue A dry etching of rubbish That pierces paper AG

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