Live, Revel, Hope



Ready to go

I'm ready to sail. Cut through waves of doubt and pride. Locate humble shores. AG

Fools can write

Keep posting dumb things Drawing a corrective light On your ignorance AG

Sprinkle Some Cinnamon

Set kisses to high Flip once for an even brown Light, sweet and yummy AG

The Red Book

It's a monologue A dry etching of rubbish That pierces paper AG

Tree Trunk

Water, soil, sun, breath Nurture a small see to life Love will also help AG

Long Term

Lets look down the road Past the traffic and people That path will be ours AG

Big City

Smeared pennies The hustle and bustle Of Ellis Island Old dreams surrounded By a slapping sea Soup stirred boats Thrusted oars waved the Hudson winds Swept under tuger with fresh trash Concrete tar apple With fogged glowing glass A misty... Continue Reading →

Shooting Star

Full poem coming next week.  AG


Awake from slumber Greet your sunrise with a smile Place ink on a page AG

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