I See You

Lately, I’ve been surrounded by surreal moments.

Sitcom episodes starring me, the guy you like enough not to hate.

The experiences have been astonishingly real, even without the glasses.

If I still ate Twizzlers, this daily show would require two bags of plastics.

Now, those that surround me only have access to some memorable seasons.

The high schools years, Brooklyn TNT box set or maybe 2016 A.L. Gray Edition.

It all depends on their membership level,  years and friendship credits.

The writers have enjoyed freshening things up for the viewers this year.

Creating new plot twist, background settings, and even moral challenges.

Each performance trying to keep eyeballs on the screen; asses in the chair.

Though each taping is different, they all have a film of consistency.

I somehow make it out at the end….or did I really but how….?

Like watching a stone roll down a mountain into a river.

You might start to wonder how it feels if anything.

At times I forget my lines or that I’m in the next scene.

Merely caught up with the visual and dismiss the thTHX audio.

Did that really happen; wow I’m finally here or oh nooooo,

I don’t know what others will think when they see this.

It must be good because it keeps getting renewed.

Extend for another year, week, day or hour.

Admired, overrated, reviewed but always watched by one.

I’m not an actor, poet or writer…just some tan guy.

If I entertained, it was caused by a calculated mistake.

Valuable to only me and a costar or two on the couch.

Maybe to a villain looking to gain from the shortfall.

Individuals I will eventually end up owing for their appearances.

Their roles bring depth to the program and balance to showcase.

Things my very flawed character tries to carry in front to the tube.


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