Under Flickering Lutheran Lights

Beyond the revolving glass doors

Past the guard stapling his gum

And up the humming escalators

Is the bustling main visitors lobby


A bowl with four twirling seats

Greets me with three receptionists

That feed numbers into amber phones

The red snapper lady looks at me


“Tell Mr. Genao he has a visitor”

“Fifth floor”, “yeah fifth floor”

“What did you bring him this time?”

“The usual clothing, food & books”


They give me a laminated pink pass

I head to the hiccupping elevators

Upstairs they log my name in, feeling famous

I can see last night’s signature barely dried


Unlike my brother’s eyes, he clearly just woke up

Hopefully not from something too good

Didn’t want to be responsible for ruining

A kiss or more, his dreams were always consistent


“Hey what’s up’s” and hugs are exchanged

“Bro I’m staying strong for you, for us”

“How are you sleeping, eating”?

“Ok but I keep hearing people crying”


The white bags hit the laminated table

Clothing now smelling like Chinese food

He doesn’t mind, almost eats a shirt eggroll

“Hungry, they don’t feed me enough here”


A small bag gummy bears makes it across

“Some light snacks for later or now”

“You know I love you?”, “I love you too”

“It will be over soon, just stay tough”


Tears clean his cheeks but shaken off

As alarming keys poke into the door

“It’s 3:00pm, all guests must go”

“We know, see you again tonight”

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