Artist Eclogue: Canei Finch

When Earth, Wind and Fire sang the words “Negative wins when I give in” they inadvertently created an anthem for Canei’s life and musical career. This tri-state hip hop artist wore the mantra as he journeyed through all five boroughs and New Jersey. As a struggling youth, he aspired to follow in his father’s footsteps, who was a producer and songwriter. Due to this constant exposure, Canei flirted with playing piano and rapping but didn’t settle down until he heard Nintendo’s composer Koji Kondo. It was then that Canei began to experiment with video game mixes and hip hop beats.

After Canei discovered Just Blaze it all came together. With a new influence in hand, he began producing samples based on soulful hip hop beats. He was only 15 but surrounded himself with R&B tracks from Musiq Soulchild to Earth, Wind and Fire. Hip Hop had consumed him. Even when Canei was a teen and won a contest to rewrite the Hempstead High School Alma Mater he believed that Hip Hop was more than just music. It was a style, flow; an inherent swag that defined an individual’s spirit. An honest performance both on and off stage.

Now in his mid twenties, Canei makes music to inspire the masses and break the barriers of the everyday monotone music played on the radio. He strives to raise awareness and motivate the populace to push past their own obstacles. Music is Canei’s therapeutic release from the harsh realities of everyday life in the hood and is trying to share this remedy. His music prescribes positive energy and healing with no harmful side effects.

Following the release of his Finchstrumentals beat tape, and Morning Music EP, Canei released the Son of the Sun late 2015. He will continue to produce R&B and Trap artist while developing his own sound. This Brooklynite is excited by the prospects of creatively challenging his own boundaries just as he did growing up. Canei is equipped with a metropolitan heart and a working man’s ear, which seamlessly blend together rhythms to create optimism in the face of adversity.

The Morning Song (Official Music Video)

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