Hooked On Sugar

We cannot forget. Being sad is natural. This deliberate ignorance makes me the angriest. My ire is more associated with the followers than with forty five. The scarlet American cult has enabled an unscripted messenger. One that believes colored lives do not matter and that caging captured children is normal. And yet, I type this without dripping a sandy tear, starting an L.A. fire or yelling during Rand’s dinner but I’m no less incensed.

I just need a new new to come and change the channel. A butterfly to burst from the most unseemly caterpillar ever. It was born in twenty twenty but it was inhaling contaminated air for centuries. Creating a deeply personal series of social flaws. Medgar Evers once said “You can kill a man, but you can’t kill an idea” and today the silent majority seems to be trying to bury both under their false flags, large trucks and loaded shout in the streets.

By Amaury

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