RP: Ripped Pants

As I ran
a smooth gray stone
slipped through my feet

It smiled at me on the way

Bladed green grass, crumbed brownie soil and
licorice polished beetles with wizard wand legs
clapped then adjusted their antennas for better views

Spilled fresh milk across a

Fresh rounded knees; gears on a plane
smashed down, right sparked then left
Smaller pebbles cleared the runway way

That crowd fled from bleeding red

My flapping tubular walnut arms fell next
Thick cold fudge splashed my face as
pink skin peeled off my undressing palms

Rolled, like a soggy tee shirt in a small

New blue jeans tore like a ship through waves
leaving two bare kids crying in a soft open crib
Their eyes stinging while staring at circling clouds

By Amaury Genao

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