Free Verse: Scribble Some Words

Write your poem…a story of things you’ve encountered You can pick its gender, age and species without care Imagination is the singular narrator and it should find inspiration anywhere; build a world, a set or wooden stage The cast, well it can be of your own making and talent level A silent film, animation or even stinky sock puppets will do We wouldn’t need an audience but they could be crafted

This allegory could exist only on the wall behind your eyes Every scene stamped on a any colored spinning reel which does not need to be projected to others outside Express your collection of emotions, I know you have them just as I do despite their endangered scarcity and cultist secrecy Unleash rage, sorrow, confusion or even a pinch of madness Who cares how scary funny your securely insecure words are

It’s your instrument so strum, strike or play at your pace Let the sounds pass through a multiverse of space and time Volume controls, who needs them, my sounds are shapes Letters will rise, drown, vanish, sing with utter freedom If you find a sincerely arrogant gratification in the mundane an endless selection of sentences will be at your disposal A poem would be born and live the life you do or don’t chose

Sincerely Amaury

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