Breakfast Bread

• Mix love and lust into a large bed. Mark the center with some oil and warmed kisses. If stiff, add a pinch of soft whispers of peeled appreciation.

• Place head on a lightly fluffed surface and knead muscles until the neck or shoulders become cushiony smooth.

• Lay next to them so they can prove for a few minutes, reminisce and maybe let you know what steps must be taken.

• Repeatedly push into the dough, gently molding each other. Bring yourselves onto lined sheets to proof further until the pleasure has doubled.

• Alertly dust the nude body with sweat and have your tongue cut across the top. Preheating and increasing the rising passion for 25 – 30 minutes.

• Bake each other until glistening and groans underneath sound hollow.
Once done, cool slowly until ready.

By Amaury

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