The Flirt 

On a late Saturday evening

I met a pocket-size sunset

her skin an August moonlight

and smile a rowing canoe

Dark brown eyebrows, sunlit hills

She was confidently timid but

carried a lax sleepy airy voice

I asked her “How are you?”

Followed by a sneeze quick

“What’s your name?”

Rapidly running questions that

expressed a spring seeded desire

The answers were then received

a telegram to my pumping heart box

“Are you from here?”

Escaped like an unleashed puppy

running through an open field

Awakened from his brunch nap

“Hum…from that city?” leaked

She drew a map in the sky

dotted stars on the navy cloth

“That’s nice, I’ve been there”

My inquisitive traps were set

I buried them in the sentences

The sparring match has now begun

Unique rules being typed as we go

Who will win this? We both can!

We could even both lose each other

A stalemate, means we have gotten

no closer to achieving anything

Failing here leads to silence

No message, or un-timed calls

I have my rum and Coke ready

so let’s see what happens

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