Let’s Talk – Free Verse 

Seriously share your colors and clouds 

I want to know it all then lock it 

in a black vault with a 30 digit code 

something like 9746283646028474748415

once it’s shut, I’ll never remember how to 

open the swinging steel rectangular door 

not sure what I would do with your doc’s 

but it will be filed alphabetically 

somewhere between a or 하

Maybe we can play detective

I’ll wear a brown trench coat with a 

chocolate leather hat that’s tipped to 

the left just for dramatic…effect

Where were you on Tuesday at 9am 

during the month of September in 2014?

Are you thirsty? What will you have?

What is your favorite colored clay?

Mine are blue and gray…that’s two but

I could never decide between them

Sunny side or scrambled?

Is your compass pointing North or South? 

I flipped; heads or tails?

Let’s get to the facts so we 

can create some fictions.

I prefer magic over armor,

How about you?

I see that you have clammed up;

shut, zipped and sealed it.

Stay right here because I’m

getting my tools; afterwards

I will find out and sketch 

your favorites into my pad

Don’t worry what I’ll do with 

all your information;

probably just forget it by 

morning when the excitement 


Amaury Genao

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