Conference Call

We will proceed, only after an internal council

has convened, debated and suggested a resolution.

Once my senatus have pulled out their steel chairs and

taken their grooved plush seats, making this meeting official.


The usual suspects are there, forming a murmuring 

round table of misfits, fools and opinionated intellectuals.

Conviction will strike twice in my chest, calling the gathering

to order; which silences the excited purrs for just a moment.


They have congregated here today for a full detailed report

on our unspoken mental, emotional and physical health.  

Imagine being inside that inky room with a colorless light

flashing on a quartz floor which opens into emblematic text.


“You know this is so wrong”

“How could it be…it feels great”

“Well, I won’t stand by these actions”

“Ah, stop being so judgmental”

“Who cares, we are all adults here”

“Let’s just make this temporary”

“It will only lead to sorrow and anger”

“Hum, I think we’re doing fine”


Unfiltered thoughts being strained through shapeless mouths

that project a images; stuffing noisy hours or shouting minutes.


“This hero shit must end”

“A coin flip it is then?”

“It’s fucking raining again”,

“I swear the clouds are spitting at me”

“Dark and sarcastic, the usual for you” 

“Oh really because playing nice has worked”

“Our conclusion should be parallel to our life,

short, random, bitter with a hint of regret”


Every seasonal mood reciprocates when queued,

verbally dancing around like jellyfish in an angry sea.

Chambers of echoed madness, where every voice is heard

from timidness, to whispers filling sullen brick red walls.


This shall be interesting and the oak transcript will be

incinerated into minuscule drab tinsel ashes for safe keeping.

These words and letters should not be memorized, reviewed

or expressed to anyone outside of our sculled conference room.


This process is akin to the one used to determine, bars, buses,

movies and back packs, the arguments are similarly intense.

Tonight, we drink a murky, smokey, cheap Merlot to dissipate the fog,

as answers fill stemmed glasses with our final situational responses.



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