Thunder Haunts Our Marquee And Silhouettes 

I don’t know where you blew in from

Could have been from the West, Asia

Or dropped in from the stratosphere but

What I do know, is that you evaporate fires


Each time you rise over my warm brown soil

Cool winds discharge copious amounts of rain

Drowning bears, roses, cactuses, dogs and rainbow rings


A long unprescribed shadow hovers over us

Making the king’s wolves howl in disapproval

Lighting drunkenly converging  behind  cunning plateaus


This synthetic breeze born in winter, blankets warmth

With a distant lab created chill which freezes bare hands

Leaving them incapable of signalling across stars


Convecting sweet words, thoughts and heat locally

Stranding  sturdy ships filled with packaged hope

Forcing a lantern to grow dim under the pressure

Of an arrogant Meiyu that landed on my tropical shores


I once believed this thermal conductivity was a rumour

Now I’m not sure if it’s seasonal or permanent rainfall

If all the nurtured crops are all uprooted by the  flood

It’s fine because I will farm somewhere else

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