Lavender Aveeno

Five miles away from the screaming sirens and
Puffing yellow aluminum horns of Manhattan
We shared a tapering white marshmallow cloud

A frail hued lamp guarded our sealed doorway
Cloaking the cheerful banter of our clothing
As they gently kayaked down the East River

Laughter gleefully shoveled itself into scooped pillows
Giving way to hushed exposed breaths of Lavender Aveeno
Which flowed through Broadway, causing the moon to swoon

Fleeting leaves swirled around your flower giving way to us
As rustling corollas whorled through the pinnately toothed foliage
Exposing bare hilltops that dipped into a bed of pollinated nectar

Pacific monsoons uprooted violet trees of logical worries but
Sowed roots of ease, moving me from icy to bluish lavender
You had acquired the sweetly aromatic key to my factual calm

I’ll remember us as we were that summer, a cultivated grove.


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