Asian Fusion Done Right

Despite the wonderful variety of restaurants in Brooklyn’s Chinatown, I have always felt like two things were missing: a respectable bar and a good sushi spot. With the opening of Asea (pronounced A-Sea) , Sunset Park gets both and more. Most of the Pacific Ocean seems to be on their menu, so bring your passport, buddies and maybe a change of cloths.

By fishing Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese and Malaysian food onto their pages, Asea allows diners to sample from a wide variety of regional flavors at a reasonable price. Most traditional rolls (California/ Spicy Tuna) are only $5,  dinners like the Thai Mango Shrimp or Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken are around $15 and all desserts are under $7. Their lunch set is under $10 so walk inside without fearing that your wallet will develop anorexia.IMG_20160120_215040365

My favorite dinner combination consist of the following: spicy Roti Canai as an appetizer, savory Miso Soup for balance, Golden Dragon Roll and, because the Dominican in me will end every meal with a banana, a fried banana to top it off. I washed it all down with a deliciously sweet Thai iced tea, creatively presented in a mason jar. The Courses arrived promptly but not suspiciously. IMG_20160120_215023871

Their cozy and relaxed atmosphere makes the overall dinning experience ideal for families, friends or that nervous you need to navigate. With a good enough selection of bottled beers and sakes you will have options to help the night along.


Asea’s bar offers attentive service and multiple games on their new flat-screens. This is key to me because sports bars in the area are very limited. When March Madness begins you will be able to find me at Asea eating  Japanese Pizza and Pad Thai with a half empty bottle of Sake.

4120 8th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11232
Phone:(347) 889-5252

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