Open Boarders

So where shall we begin this mobile conversation
My absent fathers side or selfish mothers corner
The orange crusted ax needs bark to target
I have a tight grip and brought my finest gloves
The grippy aero dynamic type for max comfort

Would these be ideal starting horns, if so I’ll swing
Releasing the tension filled sugarcane wrist
Striking conversations of frosted cakes missing
Unchecked homework or leg biting leather belts
Trust me a bitterness has gone flat; no fizz left

This story is moldy; fermented but not sharp
Just not interested in the weather, game or show
Enough words have been wholesaled for them
Tweets have stacked mounds of dry seeds but
Steak and eggs are on this hearty menu

Now let’s order some roasted coffee porters
And share our unlocked diaries at the bar
Their stools are great podiums for expressive
Lips holding un-cuffed tongues looking to
Tear calendar dates off the refrigerator door


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