My Blade Please

A wordsmith takes the linguistics letters and forges them into an idea. The procedure forming sentences heated to 98.6 degrees. Drawn from a dictionary and crafted into thinner lines. The paragraph is notched in the center with punctuations and creased over, making it a scribble. Subsequently the doodle is placed in a thesaurus. Metaphors folded squarely to produce the desired verbal rhythm. After twenty breakdowns’ there is some diffusion in the content; words can become almost standardized, no longer benefiting from creativity.

Depending on the amount of similes introduced, this process formulates either a hard poem for the page or slightly lighter sonnet. Other lyrics are bold, dense and consume a lot of ink. A seasoned wordsmith works on framing the story for 8 months. Once the novel takes shape, it will be edited meticulously. The text will steam off the presses, only to be quelled by a cover, giving it weight. To be placed on a desk for reading.


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