Jurassic Diet: The Pre-Caveman Diet

Eat like a dinosaur & shed pounds. That’s the theory behind my Jurassic Diet. I wrote the book on The Jurassic Diet &  promise you’ll be leaner, less likely to get diabetes, heart disease, cancer or be bullied. My diet is a high-protein, high-vegetable eating plan that promises you can lose weight without cutting calories because dinosaurs couldn’t count.

What You Can Eat:
Meat, Fish, Ferns, Gingkoes, Conifers, Eggs, Plankton, Pines, Squid, Ammonites, Sponges, Snails, Mollusks or anything you see moving. Everything must be free-range. You can’t eat any cooked or prepared foods on this diet. Also our ancestors were non-existent so say goodbye to oils, spices, seasoning, wheat, dairy, grains or anything that is harvested.

Level of Effort: High
No calorie counting, cooking or shopping. You are allowed to take your meal down when you see it. Everyone & everything is a potential dish.

Limitations: The Jurassic Diet allows for plenty of cheating. You can eat what you want all the time. You have an open menu at all times. If you want to hide in the bushes and tackle some young prey to eat…go for it. Smaller/ slower animals, people or stealing a meal that’s unattended is allowed.

Shopping and cooking: None. There were no kitchens in the Jurassic Era.

Packaged foods or meals? None, process foods did not existed.
In-person meetings? Yes, because other people could be lunch.
Exercise: Running, hiding, tackling, chasing or stalking will lead to muscle build up and awesome cardio.

Does It Allow for Dietary Restrictions or Preferences?
Herbivorous: This diet emphasizes raw meat, raw plants and raw fish.
Low-salt diet: No salt or seasoning is allowed. Everything is freshly killed then eaten on the spot. Most meat will be warm due to the blood still pumping.

What Else You Should Know:
Costs: Free. There were no stores 145 million years ago so neither applies.
Support: You can do this diet on your own. Just remember to let your nails grow for clawing & that it will not last long because you will be arrested at some point.

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