Awake from slumber Greet your sunrise with a smile Place ink on a page AG


These corners go here Other pieces are scattered Lost some already AG


You are a cool mist That burns away in the sun Stay on my window AG

On the bus

I’ll ride with locals Traveling South after work  In search of some warmth AG

NY Slice 

Take me to Brooklyn Where cheese, sauce & dough now live In a square white box AG

Spoiled Spring

Fruit has gone sour Vinegar drops tainted it So happens now? 

The Well

  I’ll dip my creamy stout Bucket into a stone cave Only bubbles stay AG

Sour Milk

For how many days Did you wait on the counter Un-embraced by cold AG  

One Last Song

You danced all night long Hudson beats couldn’t keep you down Now party on clouds

Living Challenge

Won’t always be there Life, flowing rivers or light Treasure those sights now