Live, Revel, Hope

The Middle

Our flourishing county expanded right to left as Instagram captured lights, mingled from block to block like steel strings hiking through hordes of gil’s and ro’s lead by crawling tunes, into private pathways filled with sentimental letters   No one stops me... Continue Reading →


These corners go here Other pieces are scattered Lost some already AG

Me, Shy…Ha

I grabbed my round blue glasses so I could look for a long lost 사과 blush. Was hoping to locate that 5th grade moment when rhyming love letters flew out of my marble note book and into confused hands. The timid sensation of purified... Continue Reading →

Where should I go? 

As you may not know, I'm currently in South Korea and will be for the next several months. In an effort to share more of the country, I would like you...the reader to let me know which places you would... Continue Reading →

Maybe Not

What are you seeking, that you have untethered us like a lost Playland yellow kiss separated from a hive left me riding an empty merry-go-round alone in the dark   Maybe this should have been unhurried or it wasn’t to... Continue Reading →


Let us build on it Stack memories and laughter On top of our smiles AG

Never fear the ride 

Don't go now or Make my nights longer I'll be on the platform Hoping a train brings you Carries our drops together To quench a fearful And tempting thirst AG


You are a cool mist That burns away in the sun Stay on my window AG

I’m not your friend.

I didn't and still don't want to be your friend. A clear diamond, ruby or some other cold gem absorbing arrows and pretending I'm not bleeding through my mesh jersey; soiling the white letters. These words are cast-in-place for extra... Continue Reading →

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