Live, Revel, Hope

Never fear the ride 

Don't go now or Make my nights longer  I'll be on the platform Hoping a train brings you Carries our drops together  To quench a fearful  And tempting thirst AG 


You are a cool mist That burns away in the sun Stay on my window  AG

I’m not your friend.

I didn't and still don't want to be your friend A clear diamond, ruby or some other cold gem absorbing arrows and pretending I'm not bleeding through my mesh jersey; soiling the white letters These words are cast-in-place for extra... Continue Reading →

Soju Nights 

Twist the cap right off Pour laughter, joy and sadness  Into my shot glass AG 

On the bus

I'll ride with locals Traveling South after work  In search of some warmth AG

Jeonju vs Gwangju 

NY Slice 

Take me to Brooklyn Where cheese, sauce & dough now live In a square white box AG

USGBC: LEED Green Associates Classes Coming Online Soon!

In an effort to continue contributing to the construction industry and environmental awareness, I will be hosting LEED Green Associates (USGBC) online class this Winter. This format will be a pilot program and will initially come at minimal cost to the student.... Continue Reading →

Tropical Storm Maybewe

They are still there... Archived messages creating a thrilling script with plot twist and a surprise ending. A role I was awarded but never read for. Curiosly I gaze at them with a slight distaste.  Should I keep the part,... Continue Reading →

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