Live, Revel, Hope

Tree Trunk

Water, soil, sun, breath Nurture a small see to life Love will also help AG

Long Term

Lets look down the road Past the traffic and people That path will be ours AG

Big City

Smeared pennies The hustle and bustle Of Ellis Island Old dreams surrounded By a slapping sea Soup stirred boats Thrusted oars waved the Hudson winds Swept under tuger with fresh trash Concrete tar apple With fogged glowing glass A misty... Continue Reading →


Awake from slumber Greet your sunrise with a smile Place ink on a page AG

Window Seat

On my somber Monday bus ride home, there was a stocky, older man who drank way too much soju for the couples' holidays. He’s window 16. My pudgy Burton backpack and I are in aisle seat 15. The guitar was above... Continue Reading →

Going Acoustic

I'm strumming through it all Plucking moments with a pick Love, joy, hate and open sorrow Chords that have been laid out This complex song is still new But I'm learning its tempo AG  


Who are you? What's your name? When did you last smile? A warning though, I'm insane but wrapped in a neat package. Maybe my hugs are what you are searching for? Maybe my warmth has melted the long distance? Maybe... Continue Reading →


All rise, then fall, then rise again Fuck it, just lay, no, no Here, there, in the air or anywhere Over the rainbow; under the bridge Stay low and people will get excited Waiting to see the fire from... Continue Reading →


I'm controlled chaos An endless spark that can burn Or create a warmth AG

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