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Where should I go? 

As you may not know, I'm currently in South Korea and will be for the next several months. In an effort to share more of the country, I would like you...the reader to let me know which places you would... Continue Reading →

Mapo: Korean BBQ At Its Best

Seating For Two I first discovered Mapo three years ago after returning from South Korea. My travel buddies and I were pursuing the same flavors or quality in NYC which triggered one of two searches. The other was not food... Continue Reading →

Asian Fusion Done Right

Despite the wonderful variety of restaurants in Brooklyn's Chinatown, I have always felt like two things were missing: a respectable bar and a good sushi spot. With the opening of Asea (pronounced A-Sea) , Sunset Park gets both and more.... Continue Reading →

Jurassic Diet: The Pre-Caveman Diet

  Eat like a dinosaur & shed pounds. That's the theory behind my Jurassic Diet. I wrote the book on The Jurassic Diet &  promise you'll be leaner, less likely to get diabetes, heart disease, cancer or be bullied. My... Continue Reading →

Top Five Chocolate Stouts

1. Young's Double Chocolate Stout - This smooth  full bodied stout is smooth, not overly bitter and comes packed with a roasted sweet finish. 2. Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout - Balanced & slick with mildly carbonated flavors surrounding the chewy... Continue Reading →

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